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2021 Best pregnancy oil for belly! Remove pregnancy stretch marks now!

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    how to remove pregnancy stretch marks?

    As a pregnant woman, your belly gets bigger and bigger, your skin easily feels itchy and dry. In the later stages of pregnancy, you may even found some small, dimpled lines on your abdominal skin – stretch marks! Not just on the stomach, but sometimes on the breasts, hips, arms and thighs, where fat tends accumulate.

    Early prevention is the best thing you can do, let us know more about it!

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    Stretch marks causes

    As a result of pregnancy, lower oestrogen levels slow down the production of collagen, which causes skin wrinkles. When you gain weight, whether it’s from puberty, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, or rapid muscle growth, it all comes from movement – skin stretching.

    The slower it stretches, the easier it is to keep up with the production of collagen needed for structural support. If inflation occurs rapidly, these dermal collagen fibres can break down – making the thinner upper layers of skin visible as stretch marks.

    Stretch Marks prevention

    So one of the things you can do to keep your weight gain down is to keep it down, and the other is to take care of it early with stretch mark oils and creams.

    Remember the most fundamental and effective way to prevent stretch marks is not to put on weight too quickly, but to gain weight gradually during pregnancy. 

    Stop belly scratching! Some pregnant women will scratch their belly, which is strictly forbidden, as the scratching destroys the structure of the dermal collagen fibres. 

    Also, colloid-rich foods help to increase the elasticity of the skin, so to prevent stretch marks, pregnant women should eat plenty of fish, meat, eggs and nuts before pregnancy to get enough protein to help produce collagen and elastin.

    It will also relieve the tightness and itchiness caused by the enlarged skin on the abdomen. This will increase skin elasticity and moisturise the skin.

    Stretch marks removal

    All treatment must be done before it’s too late, even stretch marks! As it takes at least six months to a year for stretch marks to become permanent scars, it is best to start within three months of giving birth and massage the area around the navel, abdomen, buttocks and under the breasts from the inside out.

    Best pregnancy oil recommend

    What I concern of the pregnancy oils is do not contain estrogen or toxic chemicals, vitamin e included, here are some of my recommend: 

    bio pregnancy oil

    The biggest advantage is that it is inexpensive and can be used in large quantities. It moisturises well and spreads evenly, leaving a noticeable oily feel without being sticky or heavy, making it ideal for pre to mid pregnancy care.

    Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer Lotion
    Clarins pregnancy oil

    The Clarins pregnancy set is one of the most popular brands. It’s actually very easy to use, a little more expensive and suitable for late stage pregnancy.

    Weleda pregnancy oil

    WELEDA is a German brand that has become extremely popular with expectant mothers in recent years. It is an organic and natural massage oil at a reasonable price.

    Mustela Stretch Marks Cream

    Mustela Pregnancy Oil is specially formulated for pregnant women and new mothers to help prevent stretch marks, and contains a unique combination of naturally sourced ingredients, including the patented natural ingredients Avocado Oil, Passion Fruit Oil Concentrate and Sunflower Oil, which has been praised by many mothers for its excellent absorption and is completely absorbed into the skin after 5-10 minutes of massage.

    Maternea vitamin E pregnancy oil

    Not many people know the Maternea brand, but it is actually from Levene, an old Bulgarian group, and its massage oil is easily pushed out and absorbed into the skin, and while many pregnancy creams can only be used after 3 months of pregnancy, Maternea can be used from the beginning of pregnancy up to 1 month postnatally.


    – Check the ingredients of the product and do not choose products containing fragrances and preservatives to avoid allergic reactions.

    –  Ask your husband or a family member to help apply ‘sneaky bits’, such as under the stomach or on the buttocks.

    – Choose unscented products, as fragrances are not helpful in reducing stretch marks and are only added by manufacturers because some pregnant women cannot tolerate the original smell of stretch mark reduction products.

    – To achieve the effect of reducing stretch marks, in addition to choosing the right products, you should also use them regularly, at least once a day.


    In fact, 50-70% of all pregnant women will have stretch marks, which may be related to skin colour or genetics.Many mothers share the experience of having no problems until 30 weeks, some have them after 30 or 35 weeks, some have them towards the end of their expected delivery date, and worst of all, they suddenly have them all over the place. 

    Prevention is not always the answer, but do your best to protect your skin and minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

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